Company Presentation

Stimulator is a Consulting Company specialized in Technical Assistance in the Transport sector. We implement projects as well in Finland , which is our domestic market, as abroad. The range of our services covers the following fields of activities:

•  Strategic planning
•  Institutional development and training
•  Technical assistance in PPP projects
•  Investment analyses
•  Feasibility and pre-feasibility studies
•  Traffic safety analyses
•  Transportation studies
•  Planning, producing and up-dating of project information services (e.g. web sides)

Together with our co-operation partners we welcome also large scale projects such as infrastructure development and implement design and planning. Our co-operation partners are leading companies, universities, institutes and individual experts in the transportation sector from Nordic and Baltic Countries, Canada , UK and Russia.

Our business concept is to form a consortium of western experts, when needed, and implement projects benefiting third parties in their countries. Good contacts to our local partners are an essential part of our activities.

We are happy to reply your inquiries and looking forward to our co-operation!